Industrial event location with character

De Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort is an industrial event venue with a historic character. With a capacity of up to 2,000 people and several flexible subspaces, this national monument is perfect for medium-sized and large events, including conferences, symposiums and trade fairs. De Rijtuigenloods has all facilities required for a successful event!

Located on a monumental railway complex

De Rijtuigenloods is part of 'De Wagenwerkplaats', which is an industrial railway complex where train wagons of the Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg-Maatschappij (HIJSM) and the Dutch National Railways were maintained for decades. The site is full of crown jewels from the Dutch industrial revolution, all designed by the famous architect Dirk Margadant. The original rail tracks, the hoists on the roof and the monumental overhead bridge above the parking lot serve as reminders of a past full of robust steel and steaming horsepower.


With a sustainability approval mark

De Rijtuigenloods has a golden Green Key, which is an international sustainability label for companies in the tourism and recreation sector. It guarantees that we do everything in our power to reduce the impact on the environment, without sacrificing comfort and quality for you and your guests. De Rijtuigenloods supports and initiates initiatives to keep corporate social responsibility on the agenda within the organisation.


  • Catering facilities
    The success of a party or event is often based on the food and drinks served. In particular this concerns aspects such as quality, presentation and service that fit seamlessly with your theme or concept. Since these aspects go hand-in-hand, De Rijtuigenloods works with De Preuverie to cater all events - large and small.
  • Technology
    All rooms and halls in De Rijtuigenloods are equipped with advanced audiovisual equipment, including a projection screen with beamer or plasma screens and a sound system. The entire location is also fitted with mood lighting and background music facilities. We can also provide additional facilities in collaboration with our technical partner if needed for your event. We would be happy to discuss options with you.
  • Styling
    De Rijtuigenloods and all of its spaces are furnished with a trendy furniture line, including registration desks, conference chairs, standing tables, catering buffets and bistro chairs. Our staff would be happy to help arrange additional elements to match the overall appearance of your event, such as table runners, flower decorations or lounge furniture.
  • Hotels
    Within walking distance of De Rijtuigenloods are two hotels. NH Amersfoort (114 rooms) and Mercure Hotel Amersfoort Centre (142 rooms). Several other hotels are also located within a short drive.
  • Digital Services
    Online services form a major part of many events. De Rijtuigenloods has a fiber optic network available, to establish numerous configurations such as livestreaming or interaction with participants via a voting system. If required, we can set up a back-office with printing facilities, for example. We will make sure that you are always connected!

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